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Why Graph?


You want a complete picture of your personal finances.

You might have dozens of accounts spread over many products and institutions - but you can import them all on Graph.


Graph automatically categorizes your transactions when you first import them. You can freely create new categories and tag transactions. The more you use it, the better it gets.

Exclude unwanted transactions or add one that was off the books. You are in control.



See patterns and gain insights you otherwise would have missed.

Graph gives you powerful tooling around your financial data; come with questions and Graph will get you answers.


Privacy + Security

Graph puts privacy first. Unlike other services, Graph does not sell or share your personal data with any third-parties.

Secure by design. You never have to share your banking passwords, worry about your accounts being compromised, or your agreement with your bank being violated.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Why should I use Graph?

    Graph let's you view all your spending in one place and gives you professional-grade tooling to query, segment, visualize, and otherwise understand your personal financial data.

    Being able to quickly, easily, and comprehensively analyze how you spend your money gives you super-powers when it comes to making smart and informed decisions in your financial life.

    Better decisions mean you can have more of what you love and less of what you don't.

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    How is using Graph different than budgeting?

    No one likes budgeting - it's a chore.

    Graph surfaces key information about your finances that already exists, you just don't have access to the tooling you need to find it.

    Budgeting means having to plan ahead. Budgeting requires constant maintenance. Budgeting is tedious. Budgeting is restrictive. Graph is different.

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    How do I add my cards and transactions?

    All debit and credit cards in Canada allow you to log into your account at your bank or financial institution and export your transaction history.

    Simply download your transaction history in .csv file format and upload those same files to Graph. There are examples and instructions on our help page if you would like more details or help troubleshooting.

    This approach is more secure than other platforms that want you to hand over your passwords - and puts you in control.

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    How much does Graph cost?

    Graph is currently in alpha and is FREE to use.

    This means that the product is under active development with great new features and bug fixes shipping all the time to improve the user experience. If you notice that something is broken or have suggestions on how to improve Graph please let us know.

    Graph does not sell or provide your personal data to any third-parties. When the product is more stable and providing significant value to users, some features of Graph will be for paying users only.

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    Is Graph the same as Mint, Quicken, or YNAB?

    Most other personal finance products focus on strictly allocating budgets ahead of time, with lots of upfront planning. Graph provides powerful tooling and analytics so that you can explore and answer questions you have about your spending at your own pace.

    Graph is also proudly made in Canada, for Canadians, by Canadians! Most other financial products popular in Canada are US-focused with Canadians as an afterthought.

Supported Cards

Importing transactions from the following financial institutions in Canada:


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American Express

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Interac Debit

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